Oil Storage

Oil & Fuel Storage.

Here at Whites plumbing and heating we fit mainly ‘Deso Bunded oil tanks’.

This is to insure that your storage of fuel is highly protected from all possible situations.

Now with Deso tanks they pride themselves on being excellent at what they do. They use the latest technology and equipment to insure the highest product quality. All tanks are created and built in house, there products comply with the latest European standards and cover a whole range of different products, from commercial to, agricultural to domestic tanks in all shapes and sizes gives you a huge range to choose from to fit to the properties specifications. There bunded tanks come with a 10 year guarantee. They have been designed to deal with all weather conditions; they are manufactured from high grade polyethylene giving them high impact strength and the latest UV protection.

Now our Oftec registered engineers fit fuel storage units to a very high standard with only the correct oftec regulations to insure no future problems.

Now a majority of people don’t recommend Plastic oil storage tanks because they have heard that they crack and split, so you are pushed towards the more traditional metal oil storage tank. Now this isn’t anything to do with the tank itself, if a plastic oil tank isn’t fitted to the correct regulations this can lead to a whole range of problems, if a plastic oil storage tank is fitted correctly it should have a minimum of 300mm around all sides of the base, now the base for the unit should be made from concrete and is very important that it is completely level.

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